Dizzy's Tumblebus Parties

Dizzy’s Tumblebus Parties Include: 

  • 1 Hour of Tumbling and Games on the Tumblebus for up to 8 Children from same family, neighborhood pod (modified for COVID19)

  • 1 Dizzybus Teachers to lead the children in games and activities

  • Dizzybus T-Shirt for the Birthday Child

  • Plastic Gold Medals for All Kids


(depending upon location)

COVID19 Party Waiver

Required for all participants.

* Please note that we do require children over 5 years old to wear a mask while on the Tumblebus. 

If no party time is listed on the date you are looking for, that date has already been booked or is unavailable.

If you would like a different start time for your party than what is listed on our calendar, please contact us.

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IMG_2365 (1)

Dizzy’s Tumblebus Parties Frequently Asked Questions

How many children can be on the Tumblebus at a time?

Our parties are for up to 8 children. This is a modification for COVID-19.


Can older and/or younger siblings play on the bus too?

Absolutely! If there are older siblings that would like to join in the fun, they are more than welcome to play. They just may be too big for some of our activities, so we just ask them to respect our rules. Younger siblings are also welcome.
Since we provide two instructors we are able to watch out for the little ones that want to join in with the “big kids”.


Are there any special requirements for parking the Tumblebus?

Yes, we need a relatively flat place to park. If at all possible please reserve a place for us so it is easier when we arrive and we can start the party on time. We are a full-size school bus, which means we are 35 feet long so we do need quite a bit of space.


Are there organized activities on the bus or do the parents have to supervise?

Revised for COVID 19: We can either have our instructor lead the party with games and tumbling activities, or our instructor can stay at the front of the bus and parents can supervise. If our instructor is not involved in the instruction, they will go through our general rules for the bus.


What is your policy on gratuity for the instructors?

Our instructors work very hard to keep the children entertained so they have a party that they’ll never forget. If you would like to tip the instructors, it is greatly appreciated but not required in any way. 


Is my deposit refundable if I have to cancel?

All deposits are non-refundable. If you need to change the date of your party, we are happy to apply the deposit to the new party date, less a $25 change of date fee.