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Dizzybus Preschool Philosophy

At Dizzybus Preschool, our basic goal is to create a love of learning and exploring. We also aim to foster an environment where kids can master self-reliance, and an “I can do it” attitude. Our focus on fundamental preschool skills, such as fine and gross motor development, social, and emotional growth, enable the child to gain a positive sense of self-worth, as well as respect for others and their environment.

We believe that children learn by doing, which in return builds self-esteem, confidence, and an understanding of how things work. We strive to create an environment where children learn concepts through their most important job – PLAY!

Our preschool will guide each child in the growth and development of the whole child. Areas related to physical, emotional, and social development are all given equal attention when preparing a curriculum to fit the needs of each child. A child’s self-expression, problem-solving, reasoning, creativity, and analytic thinking are developed through meaningful play.

Dizzy’s Preschool Curriculum

Dizzybus Preschool supports a play-based learning environment that recognizes the value of child-initiated play to support the cognitive development of science, math, language, and literacy skills. Children’s play stimulates the physical, social, emotional, and creative development that is critical during a child’s early years. Through play, children actively pose problems, derive solutions, and develop understandings of real-world concepts.
Dizzybus Preschool has an emergent curriculum, ensuring a smooth progression from Green to the Yellow to the Red classroom. Through the use of an age-appropriate and individualized curriculum, our preschool integrates play experiences with a comprehensive learning environment.

Each class will explore math, science, language, music, art, movement, and dramatic play through a hands-on, discovery-based daily curriculum in an exciting and nurturing environment. Our Red Class (4s-5s) will place a stronger emphasis on Kindergarten-Readiness Skills in math, reading, writing, and problem-solving. With an emphasis on social skills and instilling a love of learning, our curriculum builds upon itself with each class, ensuring students are fully prepared to integrate into Kindergarten.

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