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Dizzy's Tumblebus

"Safety is my number one concern." - Mr. Sean

Dizzy’s Tumblebuses are full-size school buses that have been converted into mini gyms! All our classes occur inside the Tumblebus, and no transportation is involved. The Tumblebus, along with TWO instructors, is brought directly to your child’s school for half-an-hour of games, activities, and tumbling skills!

The Tumblebus is equipped with a large variety of equipment designed to improve balance and coordination while strengthening both the upper and lower body. Our classes feature a weekly theme to engage our students’ imaginations, and lively music accompanies each lesson. The children will always enjoy climbing into the Tumblebus to see what’s new!

Our classes are designed for toddlers, (as young as 18 months) preschoolers, Pre-K students and Kindergartners. Our curriculum and lesson skill levels vary by age, allowing your child to grow with us until they head off to 1st grade.

Dizzy’s Tumblebus’ mission is to be the highlight of your child’s week, and it the smiles on the students’ faces always show us how happy they are to be Tumblebus students! You will be amazed at how excited your child will be for “Dizzybus Day!”

If you would like to see if we already come to your child’s school, please see the school list. If so, you can sign your child up online. Please note that our tuition rate varies by school due to various school administrative policies and procedures.

If your child’s school is not on our list please contact Dizzy at and we will do our best to add you to our regular schedule!

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